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Cumulative Positive COVID-19 Case Totals To Date


The COVID Reporting Dashboard was created to give parents, staff, and the Milford community a transparent report on the current cases and quarantines within our district.

  • The intent of the Dashboard is to provide easily-accessible, factual data and to eliminate confusion of the number of current actual cases verses the number of students or staff who may be absent due to other illnesses, self-quarantining, or any other numerous reasons.
  • Information on the Dashboard is compiled by the District Nurse based on a count of lab-confirmed, positive cases.
  • The District will not share personally identifiable information about individuals who have tested positive.
  • The Dashboard includes the number of students and staff who have tested positive and who are in quarantine.
  • The Dashboard does not include students or staff who choose to self quarantine.
  • The Dashboard is updated daily between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Steps the District will follow when a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19:

  1. Taking information from the COVID-19 Call Line (513-576-4150) or the COVID-19 Form, the Clermont County Public Health (CCPH) will be contacted when the district is made aware of a staff or student who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

  2. A positive case will prompt an investigation. The school district will work with CCPH in contact tracing to identify close contacts of the case and possible exposure to COVID-19. 

  3. A period of masking may be required for close contacts. Latest quarantine guidance.

  4. CCPH will assist in developing an email for the district to use to communicate to parents and the letter will explain/define what is considered possible ‘exposure’ to the COVID-19 case and the possible need for quarantine.

    • The email will specify which classroom the confirmed case was in. 

    • To protect personal health information, the district nor CCPH will disclose protected health information, including name, of the person with the positive COVID-19 test. 

    • CCPH will provide guidance to the district on the appropriate course of action once the case investigation is complete and contract tracing has been identified. 

    • Close contact is defined as less than 3 feet for at a cumulative 15 minutes.

  5. The district will post the positive COVID-19 case to this page.