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Seeking Key Communicators

Posted on: April 26, 2021
Key Communicators Network invite

Milford School District is forming a Key Communicators Network and is seeking interested members.

A Key Communicator is someone in the district who is seen as somewhat of a leader who has the "ear" of a significant group of residents and is someone others go to when looking for information about the school district or related civic issues.

A Key Communicator is usually someone who is supportive of the district, but not necessarily 100 percent of the time. Key Communicators could be active parents, employees, active residents, community leaders, members or leaders of community organizations, or members of clubs or boosters. Key Communicators must currently live in Milford School District.

We ask that Key Communicators be willing to receive periodic updates from us (typically by email) and to share the information as appropriate. They would serve as our "eyes and ears" in the district as well, to help us share information and in turn share insights with us that would help us do a better job in any number of ways.

The Key Communicators Network will kick off with an in-person meet-and-greet meeting in May, then will communicate primarily through email/phone/video conference throughout the summer and into next school year. This is an unpaid, voluntary group whose purpose is to support the communication efforts of Milford School District.

Are you interested? Fill out this form!