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Letter to Parents About National Walk-Out

Posted on: March 12, 2018

Dear Milford School Parents/Guardians:

As you have heard in the news, students around the country are planning a walk-out this Wednesday, March 14, as a response to school violence.  This national walk-out is scheduled for this Wednesday at 10 a.m. and set to last 17 minutes to honor the lives of those killed at Stoneman Douglas High School one month ago.

 I want to share with you our response to the walk-out. First and foremost, we want our students to be safe. If a walk-out should occur, we will make sure our school resource officer and staff members are present. We have also been in touch with the Miami Township Police Department to provide additional support if needed. Due to safety issues and age appropriateness, elementary and junior high school students will not be permitted to participate in the walk-out. If you would like your elementary or junior high school child to participate, you must follow sign-out procedures for his or her school.

Second, we believe that our students have the right to exercise their First Amendment rights to express their views and understand this event can be a powerful learning experience. We also respect and support the choice of students who prefer to stay in class during this time and not participate in the walk-out. 

Classes will continue as scheduled and students who choose to participate in the walk-out will be responsible for the material covered in class at that time. We ask that students who intend to leave the building for the walk-out do so quietly and respectfully and return to class in a timely manner. If students do not return to class immediately after the 10:17 a.m. scheduled walk-out, they will be marked as tardy. Additional walk-outs will not be permitted.

We encourage you to discuss this event with your child. Please reach out to your school principal with any questions or concerns.


Nancy C. House


Milford Exempted Village School District