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Constitution Day Celebrated in Milford Schools

Posted on: October 3, 2018
Constitution Day

Each year, schools nationwide take part in observing the day in 1787 that our nation’s leaders signed the U.S. Constitution. This year’s Constitution Day was celebrated with a special program at Milford High School.  

Mrs. Anna O'Neill’s AP U.S. history classes, along with Mrs. Arber's Acting 2 class, joined forces and planned a full day of Constitution Day activities that brought history to life. It is the fourth year for the district's Constitution Day celebration, which is usually held at the Spirit of '76 park, but relocated to the high school this year because of the weather.

Each year, we pick students from two different schools to attend the Constitution Day festivities. This year, 150 third graders from Mulberry and Seipelt were bussed to Milford High School students

MHS students created 15 stations and each group was able to visit eight different stations featuring life in the Colonial Days…

  •       Farm life with live chickens, butter churning, and making ice cream.
  •       Period games and craft making.
  •       Music with a live band performance.
  •       Re-enactments by drama students of famous Founding Fathers and Mothers in full costume.
  •       Constitution Preamble Scavenger hunt.
  •       Colonial photo booth with fun props.

"Our 3rd graders had a blast learning from Mrs. O’Neill’s high school students about Constitution Day! There were so many interactive activities for the students to do, but the first-person characters were a favorite,” shared Mulberry Teacher, Brianna Weiler.