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Brewhaus Dog Bones Business of the Year

Posted on: October 12, 2017
Brewhaus Dog Bones

Brewhaus Dog Bones was recently recognized by the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce Foundation as Milford School District’s Business Partner of the Year. The non-profit, headed by Lisa Graham, was recognized at the Chamber’s annual celebration awards dinner on September 20.

Brewhaus Dog Bones creates handcrafted, oven-baked dog treats made from whole grains that are sourced from local Cincinnati microbreweries. Local breweries donate their spent grain to put into the recipes with other all-natural ingredients and locally-sourced eggs. Area students with disabilities prepare, bake, package, and market the dog bones. Each bag has a tag on it with a signature of the student who made those dog treats.

Trena Panko, a Milford High School Intervention Specialist, and her students have been working with Brewhaus for the past three years. Brewhaus works with students with disabilities from close to 20 school districts from across the city.

“Brewhaus has given countless young adults with disabilities opportunities to learn critical work skills in an authentic environment,” Mrs. Panko said.

Proceeds from the sale of dog treats go back into growing this program. Dog treats are sold locally and can be purchased through the intervention teachers at Milford High School. To learn more about this program, go to

Thank you to Brewhaus for being such a supportive community partner!