Scheduling Resources for the 22-23 School Year

Transition from 6th to 7th:

Parent Presentation (no voice over)

Parent Presentation (voice over)

Student Presentation (no voice over)

Student Presentation (voice over)

Course Selection Guide (7th and 8th grade)

Course Request Worksheet

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Transition from 7th to 8th

Parent Presentation

Student Presentation

Course Selection Guide (7th and 8th grade)

Course Request Worksheet

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Transition from 8th to 9th

Student and Parent Scheduling Newsletter

Class of 2026 Scheduling Presentation

Class of 2026 Scheduling Videos:

Ninth Grade Scheduling Video

Course Selection Guide 2022-2023

Message from the Principal

Policies, Programs, and Procedures

Additional Information About Courses

Course Selection Worksheet (Ninth Grade Community)

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College Credit Plus Information

(contact Liz Emmons with questions:

-->Short 'Topic' Videos
REQUIRED: College Credit Plus Letter of Intent DUE APRIL 1 -- REQUIRED to participate in 2022-2023 CCP for ALL students. Even if you are currently taking CCP classes, you MUST complete the 22-23 Letter of Intent. When you complete the letter of intent, you certify that you reviewed the full presentation video.
*Reminder this is NOT a CCP application. Students must still go to the college/university website to complete a CCP application.
Other Links:
Top CCP Schools for Milford Students - Links to college CCP applications & college CCP presentations included
REQUIRED Next Steps to Take CCP Courses Next Year:
1. Watch the presentation and complete letter of intent. 
2. Next, Student will apply to a college or university to take CCP courses.
  • As a part of this application process, Student will need to request a transcript from Milford counseling.
3 - Student receives the admissions decision from the CCP college or university. This will include information about how to register for classes.