Scheduling Resources for the 21-22 School Year

Transition from 6th to 7th

Parent Presentation (no voice over);  Parent Presentation (with voice over)

Student Presentation (no voice over);  Student Presentation (with voice over)

Electives Video

Course Selection Guide (7th and 8th grade)

Course Request Worksheet

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Transition from 7th to 8th

Parent Presentation (no voice over); Parent Presentation (with voice over)

Student Presentation (no voice over); Student Presentation (with voice over)

Electives Video

Course Selection Guide (7th and 8th grade)

Course Request Worksheet

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Transition from 8th to 9th

Student and Parent Scheduling Newsletter

Class of 2025 Scheduling Presentation

Class of 2025 Scheduling Videos:

IN-PERSON Students: Ninth Grade Scheduling Video

EAGLE ONLINE Students: Ninth Grade Scheduling Video

Course Selection Guide 2021-2022

Message from the Principal

Policies, Programs, and Procedures

Additional Information About Courses

Course Selection Worksheet (Ninth Grade Community)

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AP Level Class Information


College Credit Plus

What is College Credit Plus?
College Credit Plus is an optional program offered by the state of Ohio through local school districts that allows students to take college courses for both high school and college credit at no cost to the family. 
Interested in participating and learning more?
Step 1: Watch This Video to learn more about the program
In addition to the informational video, you can also visit: Ohio Higher Education College Credit Plus.
Steps to Participate in the CCP Program
1. After watching the mandatory informational video above... Student and Parent complete the CCP Letter of Intent (REQUIRED)
2. *Student* applies to CCP school of choice. (Counselors do NOT remind students to do this or apply for them. As a potential college student, it is the student's responsibility to complete an application.)
  • Many application deadlines are in late April or mid-May. This is something the student should check as soon as they know they are interested in a particular school.
3. Student should request a transcript from the counseling office as one part of the application process to the college. Transcript Request Form should be emailed or physically turned in to Darragh Naylor in the counseling office (
4. If accepted by the college, the student should register for classes according to the college's instructions.
5. Student should schedule and attend a CCP meeting with the student's grade level counselor once they have a tentative CCP schedule.
Note - 
All Ohio public universities offer College Credit Plus courses. Check out the university websites for more information. --Our most common CCP participants are UC Clermont, UC Blue Ash, Cedarville University, Chatfield College, Sinclair College, UC Main, and Miami Regionals.