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MHS Stock Market Game team sees significant gains

Posted on: January 19, 2022
photo of stock market game students

From left to right: Colin Jacob, Brendan Worthington, Tyler Meade. Not pictured: Cole Capodagli

If a particular team of Milford High School students were in charge of your money, you might be quite a bit wealthier in a short period of time.

Congratulations to the first semester top team for MHS for the 10-week-long Stock Market Game, freshman Cole Capodagli, and sophomores Colin Jacob, Tyler Meade and Brendan Worthington. The team placed 11th out of 219 regional teams and 18th out of 362 state-wide teams by making a 13.5 percent return on their investments.

The Stock Market Game is a 10-week simulation of Wall Street trading that provides a framework for teaching students about the U.S. economy and financial markets. Students are teamed up and start out with fictional budget of $100,000 to invest. The teams do research on publicly-traded companies, make their investment decisions and do simulated purchases and sales of stock.

The MHS team grew their portfolios to $113,663.95 which is a 13.55 percent return in a 10-week time span.

Their picture is attached to this email.
From left to right (Colin Jacob (10), Brendan Worthington (10), Tyler Meade (10)