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Return to Learning Plan Options

Posted on: July 17, 2020
return to learning

Click here to access our Return to Learn Information Page.

The following message was sent to all Milford families July 17:

Dear Milford Families,

We are proud to share with you today the plan our team of teachers and administrators have come up with, in coordination with our local department of health, including feedback from parent surveys and correspondence, to reopen schools in August. We want to emphasize that this plan is fluid. Things are changing daily. We urge you to read through this email carefully and to carefully read through our Return to Learning Plan that is linked below.

There are two Return to Learning Options: 

  • In-Person Learning: Students will be in-person and in buildings daily with safety protocols in place. The goal of the safety protocols is to keep school buildings open as long as possible.

  • Eagle Online: Students who choose online learning will not attend in-person. This completely-remote learning model goes above the virtual learning curriculum that students and families experienced while schools were closed this past spring. With Eagle Online Milford teachers will provide direct instructions.  

Both Return to Learning options are defined and explained in detail in our plan. Please click here to read through it.

Click here to access the Fall 2020 Decision Form. You have until Wednesday, July 29 to make a decision between the two options.


  • Wednesday, July 22 - Q&A Session with Administrators. Submit your questions by Tuesday, July 21 at noon to (see details on page 6 of the Return to Learning Plan)

  • July 29 - Families must make a decision between In-Person Learning and Eagle Online for their students by this date. If a decision is not made by that date, students will automatically be placed in Eagle Online. A very important question in the decision form is to also indicate if your student will need transportation.

  • August 6, 7:00 p.m. - The Board will meet in a special session to determine the best course of action to open schools - they will decide on August 6 if schools will open In-Person on August 24 or if the district will begin school completely remote. (see details on page 19 of the Return to Learning Plan.)

We know that this decision will be hard for many families. We have never forgotten that in our many planning discussions. Our Return to Learning Plan has been carefully considered and researched by educators who are committed to providing quality learning opportunities in a safe environment while consistently re-evaluating and adjusting as needed. 

In order for any plan to be successful, we must be able to collaborate with and count on our students and to count on your flexibility and consideration during this very fluid time. 

If you have questions about the plan options please let us know. Please submit your questions to us and we’ll answer them during our Q&A Session July 22. Email your questions to:


Nancy House, Superintendent
John Spieser, Incoming Superintendent, effective August 1, 2020