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Reading is the Special on the Menu

Posted on: November 6, 2019
third grade book tasting

Reading is the special on the menu in Mrs. Rausch's and Mrs. Williams’ third grade classes at Meadowview Elementary! Students enjoyed a "Book Tasting" to learn about book genres and to pick their favorite 'flavor' of books. The teachers created a menu and set up tables with all of the 'specials' - aka all of the different genres - such as tall tales, drama, science fiction, mystery, etc. Students went from table to table and 'tasted' each genre - they spent a few minutes examining a book and wrote down their thoughts on their 'first taste' based on the cover, title, and synopsis. Then they read a few pages from the book and rated the genre from 1 to 5. At the end of the 'meal' after they had tasted the different genres, they drew a picture and wrote words describing their favorite one. What a fantastic way to sample different types of stories. Kudos to Mrs. Rausch and Mrs. Williams for such a creative lesson!