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Milford teachers serve as resources for peers

Posted on: March 18, 2022
photo of four teachers

Four Milford teachers recently made contributions to national or state organizations that serve educators in the areas of English language arts and mathematics.

Betsy Woods, head of Milford High School English Language Arts department and teacher with the Ohio Writing Project at Miami University, recently had a poem published in the NCTE English Journal. The poem, entitled “Metaphor, Misplaced” was featured in the magazine that serves the National Council of Teachers of English. This is just the latest in several articles that Woods has had published by NCTE.

Rachel Wiemken, MHS mathematics teacher, co-authored an article entitled “This Happened to You Too?” that recently appeared in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Journal. Wiemken and her co-authors shared their collective teaching stories and the challenges they have faced during the pandemic.

In addition, Milford Junior High School teachers Lauren Cooper (mathematics) and Tim Pope (intervention specialist), recently presented at the fall mini-conference of the Southwest Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

"Our presentation was to discuss basing grades on growth instead of passing or failing," said Cooper. "For instance, one student may show tremendous growth by getting a 50% on an in-class assessment. We try to change the classroom into a growth mindset classroom."

It is one thing for young people to learn from a Milford educator, said Paul Daniels, Milford’s director of secondary curriculum, but it is a high compliment for that educator to be seen as a resource for their peers.

“In our Portrait of an Eagle, our guiding statement includes the importance of life-long learning.  As an organization, we could not be more proud to see our staff publish work in national journals and to share their work locally with other educators,” Daniels said. “Celebrating the work of our staff is equally as important as sharing the achievements of our collective student body.”