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MHS Continues Remote Learning

Posted on: November 12, 2020

This week Milford High School students have been learning remotely. The High School will continue in this remote model next week and the following two days before Thanksgiving break. In-Person high school students will return to the building Monday, November 30. Continuing with this remote learning model for our high school allows us the best opportunity to come back to In-Person learning on November 30. We are working toward a strong finish to first semester.


In-season athletics, fine arts and extra curriculars will proceed Saturday, November 14. Off-season athletics, fine arts and extra curriculars continue to be paused until we reevaluate on November 30. 

We are continuing to keep the High School in this remote model due to the large number of staff and students out on quarantine or absent due to illness. High School teachers will continue to provide live virtual instruction to students. Based on feedback from staff, students, and parents from this past spring, we shifted our remote model to mirror a more traditional high school day with required attendance, daily face-to-face instruction, and grading. While learning remotely, high school students participate in a structured, online environment from home and interact directly with their teachers during the school day.

While the high school is remote, families are still required to contact the district if their child tests positive for COVID-19, if their child exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, or if their child is placed under quarantine from the Clermont County Health Department for close contact outside of school. Parents must call the hotline (513) 576-4150 or fill out our secure form

If your high school student needs meals while the high school continues in this remote model, please call our Nutrition Services Department at (513) 576-2290 or (513) 576-4160 to order and arrange for pickup.

To keep our schools open, we need everyone in our community to take every precaution necessary to stay healthy. What happens in our community is reflected inside of our school buildings. It is our goal to keep In-Person students learning in person for as long as possible. We cannot keep our schools open if the virus continues to spread in our community.

We urge our community to do everything they can to stay safe and healthy. It is vitally important that students do not congregate together in social settings or at informal events.