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Message from Principal to Milford Class of 2018

Posted on: May 22, 2018

To the Milford High School Class of 2018,

You made it! You’ve heard that a hundred times by now. Your parents, classmates and teachers have all begun celebrating your accomplishments as you cross the finish line of a long and successful academic career. When these words are spoken, the emphasis is often on the “it” – the accomplishment, the product, the end goal. For just a few moments, I encourage you to think about what exactly you have “made.”

You MADE Memories

•The classes, the games, the performances, the dances, and simple moments in the hallways – all of them wrap together into a patchwork quilt of memories that is unique to each and every one of you. Those memories will stay with you for a lifetime. Those memories you created center around your passion, your wisdom, your beyondyour-years maturity, your intensity, and your successes. I will forever remember the excitement you brought back to Friday Night Lights. The Senior Bike Ride. Your Capstone presentations. You MADE memories for yourself, but you have made memories for all of us. Embrace every day as a chance to make memories, for the memories you have made for all of us here at Milford High School will remain for a lifetime.

You MADE a Difference

• You recognize that you are part of something bigger than yourself. As a class, you have given nearly 2000 hours in community service during just this year. You raised money for a service dog. You pursued service learning opportunities that enhanced our campus and community. You humbly deferred individual glory for group success. You have made your teachers better educators and better human beings. You have made me a better principal. Thank you for the difference you have made in our lives and in the lives of others. Never lose your servant heart for it is a window to your soul and will position you for greatness.

You MADE Milford High School

• In your four years, you helped redefine what it means to be a Milford Eagle. You demonstrated integrity with grace and conviction. You held yourselves accountable for your actions and the actions of those around you. You were resilient in times of trouble and rose above, revealing your greatness. YOU made Milford High School better. I believe the greatest indicator of one’s success is often not in what is accomplished in the present. Your greatest legacy as a class will be seen next year, the year after, and well into the future. The students who watched you lead, learned from you, felt your heart, and admired your passion will go on to accomplish great things because of YOU. Continue to inspire. Lead. Grow. Greatness lies before you.

More than anything, you made Milford High School home. Home for yourself. Home for your classmates. Home for your teachers. Home for me. You have made others feel welcome and safe. You have made others feel loved and valued. You made this place your home and as you go out into the world, to the far reaches of the globe, remember us, remember Milford High School. You are an Eagle for life and the red glow of Milford High School should remind you always that your family back home is rooting for you and will be waiting to greet you at the door when you return.

There’s no place like home, Class of 2018. You MADE it!

Your Principal,

Mr. Kauffman