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If you have a question, please email us or call us at (513) 831-1314 and we'll add it to this page. Click on the + next to a question to see its answer.


Why doesn't the language on the ballot state this is for a new middle school?

What is being asked for in this Bond Issue?

What is a bond issue?

What is the difference between a bond issue and an operating levy?

Are there any time limits associated with the $11.5 million Milford would receive from the state to co-fund the project?

Questions about Cost

What is the cost of the bond issue?

How was the state's co-funding amount determined?

2021 vs. 2019 - what is the difference between the last bond issue?

The district had a bond issue on the ballot in May 2019 that failed. What is the difference between that plan and what the Board is considering now? 

Questions about Plan Specifics (square footage, construction timeline, traffic flow, bidding, Preschool building, etc.)

How did the district come up with the square footage for the new middle school?

If the Preschool Building (which houses Preschool, Extended Day, and Success Academy) is possibly abated and demolished, where would those programs be housed?

What is the purpose of the Success Academy (re-named Milford Academy in August 2020) and why are students housed in the current preschool, and not at the current High School?

How will traffic flow be addressed in the new building plan?

What is the proposed occupancy number for the new building and how does that line up with the projected population of students?

Is the district mandated to build a storm shelter with this project?

How will a new building be maintained once it is built?

If the bond is passed in November, what is the construction timeline?

Where would the new building be located?

Can the current Junior High building be renovated instead of replaced?

How does the district's open enrollment policy affect building capacities? 

What would be the plan for the current site of the Milford Junior High School once a new building is constructed?

How many bids for the work would be collected and will they be available for public viewing?

The plan for a new 6-8 middle school includes the demolition of the four classrooms that were added to the Junior High in 2010. Why can't that portion of the old building be incorporated into the new building?

What happens to the state funding that was used to construct the four classrooms in 2010?

How are you currently maintaining school buildings?

This plan includes moving the preschool classrooms out of the current building located on State Route 28 and into elementary buildings. How is the preschool structured? How is the preschool funded, and will this move affect those funds?

Why is funding to abate and demolish the Miami Elementary School building, which houses Milford Preschool, Extended Day, and Milford Academy, a part of this proposed plan?

Our elementary schools (grades K-6) are positioned in the district as "neighborhood" schools. What is the reasoning for moving the 6th graders to the junior high? 

How long is the new middle school building projected to last? 

District Finances

When was the last operating levy?

How is our community taxed compared to other districts?

My home's valuation went up in 2021. Does that mean I am paying more taxes to the school district?

How much is spent per pupil?

Are any of the past bonds retiring soon?