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We Are Listening

Posted on: June 24, 2020
we are listening

We thank our students, both current and former, who have told their stories about the discrimination they have encountered. We are deeply sorry. We can and will do better. We know there is still work to do. 

One of the main goals of our district’s Strategic Plan, our Portrait of an Eagle, is fostering cultural competence. Our focus is teaching tolerance, care, and compassion.We will continue to work to eliminate racism, hate, and bias in our schools. When staff and students return to school in the fall, we will implement cultural competency training programs. School leaders have participated in the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce’s Cultural Competence program and returned to the district to continue to build bridges across the cultural, political, and social divides in our region and our country. That work will continue this fall as well. 

Teachers, school leaders, and parents must be purposeful in addressing racism and trauma experienced by people of color. If you or someone you know has become a victim of or has witnessed acts of violence, hate, bigotry, acts of intimidation, or bullying, please use our Stay Safe Speak Up hotline. Reports can be made anonymously or may include contact information.